Vianet launches Purple Pack Offer


Internet, Television and 48 GB Ncell Data free

Vianet, one of the major internet and television service provider, and Nepal’s leading telecommunications company Ncell are joining hands to bring an exciting offer for their customers. Vianet takes pride in being a company that is always innovating to bring new and better offers to its customers. With the same motive, Vianet in collaboration with Ncell has launched the Purple Pack Offer.

With Purple Pack Offer, customers will be able to enjoy super-fast speed of 80 Mbps Internet along with ViaTV which has more than 175 television channels and also get an Ncell Sim card for free. The Ncell Sim card comes with free 4GB mobile data every month for 1 year, which means customers will be able to enjoy 48 GB mobile data for free in a course of a year. Not just that, the customers will also be able to enjoy other various Ncell services for free of charge. Customers will get 50 minutes of free talk time to call other Ncell numbers and 50 free SMS per month. And along with that, customers also get free monthly talk time of 50 minutes to call Vianet call-center and extra 1GB data per month to use Vianet mobile app.

The customers will be able to enjoy all these exciting services just for Rs.1600 monthly.

This offer is available on Vianet’s 100Mbps plan as well.

Super speed internet, excellent entertainment, Ncell’s first class services for the first time ever will now be available in this exciting offer for the customers. This offer will create an excitement amongst all.

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