ViaTV : Catch-up TV Feature

Catch-up TV feature on ViaTV allows users to watch contents they missed or re-watch content they love. We record content of your favorite Live TV channels for up to 7 days. Customers can then go to the Digital Video Recording or ‘DVR’ feature menu of their Live TV channel and rewind back to the date and time of when their content was aired.

Catch-up TV feature is available on select channels only.

How to use Catch-up TV feature in ViaTV?

  1. Go to the Live TV channel for which you want to use the ‘Catch-up TV’ feature.
  2. Click the ‘OK’ button on the remote, this will open up the ‘Live TV Channel Menu’
  3. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to the ‘EPG/DVR’ icon. Then press ‘OK’ button on the remote.

    EPG is short for Electronic Program Guide and DVR is short for Digital Video Recording
    Please note that ‘EPG’ & ‘DVR’ feature, also known as ‘Catch-up TV’ feature is only available on select channels.
  4. Please select the day and then the time when the program you want to watch aired.
  5. Once you have selected, please wait a few seconds for the DVR content to load.
  6. Once the DVR content starts playing, you can fast forward or rewind the program you are watching by again going to the ‘Live TV Channel Menu’ by pressing ‘OK’ on your remote and clicking on the ‘Fastforward’ and ‘Rewind’ icons.
  7. If you would like to go back to watching the Live TV content of the channel, go to the ‘Live TV Channel Menu’ again and click on the ‘Goto Live’ button.