Vianet introduces a new Mini Pack loaded with ViaTV



Vianet introduces a new Mini Pack loaded with ViaTV

A combo offer of 75 Mbps Internet and ViaTV at Rs 800 per month

24th February 2022, Thursday, Kathmandu;

Vianet has introduced the new Mini Pack along with ViaTv. With 75 Mbps high-speed internet, customers can now get a subscription of ViaTV at only Rs 800 per month.

Vianet Mini Pack is designed for individuals who require a stable internet connection at a budget-friendly price. With this package, customers will be able to enjoy the best of both high-speed internet and entertainment. ViaTV comes with +175 channels and a collection of popular movies and series. Besides that, ViaTV also has the ‘Pause and Play’ feature which allows the users to pause live TV shows and view them later. Mini Pack subscribers can also expand ViaTV screen to their mobile devices. Users simply have to download ViaTV app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy the features of the product from their devices.

Previously, Vianet had introduced a Mini Pack that offered 75 Mbps High Speed internet along with a free Ncell SIM & 48GB Mobile Data. Customers can still enjoy the pack which is available at Rs 800 per month. For the users with high-speed internet requirements, Vianet has its Ultra-Fi line of products – Internet plans with the highest Internet speeds at the lowest prices. The highlight of the Ultra-Fi product line is the 175 Mbps internet plan which comes with up to 2 ViaTV subscriptions and is priced at only Rs. 1250 per month on an annual subscription.

With the Mini Internet product line, Vianet hopes to cater to not only the general population but also the niche market of households that require high-speed Internet but have limited usage.

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Vianet is a leading Internet and TV solution provider in Nepal and has been offering its customers new and innovative internet solutions for both personal and professional usage.