Vianet Bridges Communication Gap for Women-Led Villages in Remote Nepal.


The award-winning internet & IPTV service provider, Vianet Communication Ltd., has shared an inspiring story of connecting three villages in Dadeldhura, Nepal. These villages—Sallaghari, Rupali, and Sakyal—mainly consist of women, elderly, and children, with Vianet playing a key role in their progress.

Recently recognized as the ‘Best ISP of the year’ in Nepal at the Asian Telecom Awards, Vianet Communication Ltd. has been praised for its excellent broadband services and innovative technology. Beyond awards, the company has shown dedication to bridging the digital gap, reaching areas where no ISP had ventured before.

These remote villages in Dadeldhura have faced unique challenges, with many men seeking work abroad. Women have become the backbone of these communities, handling various responsibilities. Before Vianet arrived two years ago, communication was limited to occasional phone calls or expensive mobile data.

Residents like Bhubani Ayer Saud have seen a big change since Vianet’s arrival. With unlimited broadband internet, villagers can now communicate more affordably with loved ones abroad. Internet and IPTV services have also changed daily life. Children use online resources for education, while elders stay informed and entertained with news and television programs.

Reflecting on the impact of connectivity, Bhubani Ayer Saud highlights how internet access has opened doors for these communities, keeping them connected to the outside world.

Vianet’s initiative in Dadeldhura shows how technology can empower marginalized communities, promote education, and improve quality of life. As technology continues to evolve, efforts like these emphasize the importance of inclusive connectivity for a fairer society.

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