Fiber Relocation

Fiber Internet Relocation Charges:

Effective from: 23 Nov 2022

Charge 13% VAT Total
If new fiber cable is not required (eg. Relocation within the same house) Rs. 353.98 Rs. 46.02 Rs. 400
If new fiber cable is required (eg. Relocation to another location) Rs. 707.96 Rs. 92.03 Rs. 800
  • We request customers to contact us at least 15 days before relocation
  • Relocation charges must be paid before or at the time of relocation
  • We request customers who are moving to new location to kindly bring their Fiber WiFi Device and Set-Top-Box (if any) to the new location before scheduled date of Internet relocation
  • If new fiber cable is required even when relocating in the same location, relocation charges as per new fiber cable extension will apply.