Table of Contents:

  1. What is ViaSecure?
  2. How Can I benefit with ViaSecure web flitering platform?
  3. What makes Viasecure the best web filtering option?
  4. ViaSecure Product & Pricing
  5. How do I subscribe to Viasecure service?
  6. How to use ViaSecure
  7. ViaSecure FAQs


What is ViaSecure?

Viasecure is a webfiltering tool that gives you the control over what is browsed over your internet connection.


How Can I benefit with ViaSecure web flitering platform?

For Residences:

  • Keep kids safe – protect kids from seeing inappropriate websites.
  • No Facebook during dinner. Block online gaming & social network use during homework or family time.
  • Prevent illegal downloading
  • Block Ads and virus-infected or malicious sites.

For Enterprise:

  • Boost your productivity by blocking distracting sites such as Gaming and Social Media during business hours.
  • Save your bandwidth by blocking sites not needed by your business such as file sharing sites like utorrent, bitorrent etc.

What makes Viasecure the best web filtering option?

  • Doesn’t slow the PC down, no software to install or worry about keeping up to date, Viasecure is always up to date.
  • Covers every device on the home broadband network, from PCs all the way down to tablets and phones.
  • Easy for the end-user to self-activate and manage. Fully integrated management interface allowing simple or granular control. View “How to use ViaSecure” section for interface screenshots.

ViaSecure Product & Pricing

Viasecure is included within our new ‘All Gunsampanna’ Internet plans as a value added service. If you are not subscribed to our new standard plans, Viasecure needs to be purchased separately as per the rates below:

VIASECURE Price 13% VAT Total
1 Month Rs. 88.5 Rs. 11.51 Rs. 100
3 Months Rs. 256.64 Rs. 33.36 Rs. 290
6 Months Rs. 504.42 Rs. 65.57 Rs. 570
12 Months Rs. 955.75 Rs. 124.25 Rs. 1080

How do I subscribe to Viasecure service?

Note: Viasecure is an add-on service to Vianet’s Internet services. Hence, Vianet Internet subscription will be necessary to purchase this feature.

Step 1:

Download or update your existing Vianet mobile App

Available in Google Play Store (Coming soon on Apple App Store)

Click on the link to download or Scan the QR Code.


Step 2:

Use your Customer Portal Username and Password to login to Vianet Mobile App.

Please Note: SMS Autherization will be required for first time login. Please ensure correct mobile number is registered for your account.


Step 3:

Click on Viasecure icon on the Dashboard


Step 4:

Click on “Add Order


Step 5:

Select the Internet Service in which you want to enable Via Secure and Select “1 Month Promo” Package.


Step 6:

Your Viasecure Package should now be bought. You should now see your Viasecure Account Icon in the Viasecure page of the mobile app.
Click on your Viasecure account icon


Step 7:

You may now choose between the list of filter options. To know more about how to use Viasecure, click here.