How to pay Vianet Internet Bills with Hello Paisa?

Follow the steps below to Pay Vianet internet Bills with Hello Paisa: 1. Go to and click on Customer from Login Menu as shown Below:   2. Login to Vianet Customer Portal using your Username and Password as shown Below:   3. Check for the unpaid bill(s) from the list of bills for your respective service and Click on Hello Paisa icon at last column of list table for payment with Hello Paisa.   4. Once you click on Hello Paisa icon, Hello Paisa portal will pop up on the screen where you can enter the Mobile number. Note: you must create Hello Paisa account before you login to Hello Paisa portal. If you do not have Hello Paisa account you need create it first. You can signup with Hello Paisa from Hello Paisa Website.   5. You will receive an IVR call from the designated Hello Paisa system which will ask you to enter your PIN followed by the # (hash) sign
  • Answer the Call and confirm if the service being spoken/read is what you requested
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN followed by # to authorize the transaction request
  • Enter the * (star) key at ANY time to cancel the request
  • The IVR call will hang-up/end automatically after your input
Hello Paisa step 6   6. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction, which is also your receipt for that transaction Hello Paisa 6   7. Once you made successful payment for your bill, please check on Billing page of Vianet Customer Portal to confirm that payment is updated successfully in your Vianet Customer Portal account.   Note: If you have any queries regarding to online payment, you can call us at our Support: 977-1-5546410 Thank you for choosing online payment.