How to pay Vianet Internet Bills with NIBL new?

How to pay Vianet Internet Bills with NIBL new? Follow the steps below to Pay Vianet internet Bills with NIBL: 1. Go to and click on Customer from Login Menu as shown Below:


2. Login to Vianet Customer Portal using your Username and Password as shown Below:


3. Check for the unpaid bill(s) from the list of bills for your respective service and Click on NIBL icon at last column of list table for payment with Nepal Investment Bank. inbl-step3


4. Once you click on NIBL icon it will redirect to NIBL ePayment system where you can login with NIBL login credentials.
Note: you must activate NIBL e-banking facility from NIBL before you login to NIBL e-banking portal. For more information click here


5. Once you login with your NIBL e-banking Credential, You can check the amounts that you are going to pay as “Payment Amount” and make sure that “Pay To VIANET”. Then fill the Payment Remarks if you desire. Then to proceed to payment process click on Make Payment button. Note: Please make sure that you have enough amount on NIBL account before you proceed for payments and You have authority to do transaction by NIBL e-banking facility. inbl-step5


6. Enter your transaction password and click on confirm to pay your internet bill. inbl-step6


7. After submitting payment request to NIBL, if transaction is done successfully, You will be redirected to Vianet Customer portal with Success message.


8. Once you made successful payment for your bill, please check on Billing page of Vianet Customer Portal to confirm that payment is updated successfully in your Vianet Customer Portal account.


Note: If you have any queries regarding to online payment, you can call us at our Support: 977-1-5546410
Thank you for choosing online payment.