Credit Card – No (NIC Asia)

We have emailed the quotation as well as the EMI application form for the Internet Package you want to apply EMI for in your email address

If you do not have a credit card from the respective bank, don’t worry, getting a credit card is very easy. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Apply for Credit Card for the respective bank online by visiting this link:
    Apply for Credit Card
  2. If you are applying for credit card online. Please Kindly have the following documents on standby on your phone or computer when applying for Credit Card online:
    • Scan Copy or Photo of Citizenship
    • Scan Copy or Photo of Citizenship of Family member
    • Scan Copy or Photo of Bank Statement of past 1 year
    • If employed, a salary certificate from employing Company.
  3. Once credit card application is completed, Bank will reach out to you for further instructions for obtaining the card.
  4. Before going to the bank to retrieve your credit card, please also complete the steps below so that your EMI application can also be submitted while going to receive your credit card.
  5. Your Vianet Quotation and EMI application has been sent in your email. Please print the Quote and EMI Application form which has been sent in your email. Please fill in your personal details of your EMI application. Credit Card details need not be filled. This can be filled at Bank once they provide you with the Credit Card.
  6. Sign the Quote as well as the EMI application form.
  7. Visit the Bank Branch where your credit card is ready with the following documents:
    • EMI Application Form
    • Quotation provided by Vianet
    • Your Citizenship or Passport
    • Last 1 year bank statement
    • Proof of income or Salary Certificate
    • Citizenship of Family member
  8. Bank will issue an Intimation Letter for the EMI approved.
  9. Please retrieve the Intimation Letter from the bank.
  10. Please bring the Intimation Letter provided by the bank to Vianet so we can process your installation.
  11. Enjoy your new Vianet connection!