How to Activate viaTV Worldcup Coupon For viaTV 1.0 Users:

  • For viaTV 1.0 users, you will need to first update your LIVE TV app in order to activate the coupon purchased.
  • Updating Live TV app is easy. Simply press the “Home” button on the remote, then go to “Live TV“. You will then be prompted for Update. Click on “Download” to update.
  • If in case, when opening “Live TV” app, update option does not show, you can go to “Home Screen” then go to “My Apps” then go to “Live TV” then click on “Upgrade” option.
  • After updating “Live TV” app, you need to go to “My Apps” then scroll down to “Launcher” then click on the “Clear” button.
  • No go back to the home screen then click on “Live TV“. It will ask for password, please enter your Customer ID as the password.
  • After entering your password, in Live TV navigate to “FIFA Worldcup” Channel then select “Himalaya TV HD Premium” (Channel no. 1).
  • Then select “Apply Coupon Code“, after which you will have to select from the coupons you have purchased.
  • If you have purchased multiple Set-Top-Box, please repeat the process for other boxes.
  • Thank you for your purchase and hope you enjoy FIFA WORLDCUP 2022 on viaTV!